Friends & Purpose

We are a movement that believes two things solve big hairy social problems and they are missing from most services helping people with tough times: Friends and Purpose. But how do you get them?

Be a Camerado


A Camerado is someone between a stranger and a friend. You’ve got someone’s back and they’ve got yours. When you help someone it gives you purpose and a touch of friendship. When you are isolated it leads to tough times and tough times lead to isolation.


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Camerados want to combat Isolation. This is the root of addiction, homelessness, crime, poor health and more.

Find out why we think this and how we approach things


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At present we are working on:


A rapid prototyping programme developing microbusiness with people who have complex needs.


Social enterprise prototypes engaging people upstream from tough times and isolation.


Campaigns and on-line resources to help everyone tackle isolation where they live.

Here are some of our projects and ideas:


Blackpool Camerados – Take5 Pit Stop


Sheffield Camerados are Soul Traders!


Lincoln Camerados set up Mix It


What if Samaritans ran Starbucks?


What if Scouts worked in Prisons?


What if prostitutes looked after my kids?