Rapid Micro-business programme

Camerados want to combat Isolation. This is the root of addiction, homelessness, crime, poor health and more.

A 6 day programme over 5 weeks working directly with people who are experiencing tough times – homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues etc. We rapidly prototype micro-businesses and projects created by participants based on their talents and the gaps in the local market.

This creates fellowship behind a common purpose. It develops self-esteem and builds trust; teaches a range of skills including logistics and teamwork; provides work experience; raises aspirations and in the most successful cases provides a job and income.

What’s unique is that participants’ micro-businesses are given shares and become owners of Camerados. As a co-operative movement members support other groups to get started and keep going, so they have friends and purpose across the country.

How can you do it?

You will need:

  1. A staff member to be the designated Camerado champion for the period of the programme.
  2. Access to a meeting space that isn’t associated with a “service”. We can convert some “meanwhile space” if you have access to some.
  3. 10 – 15 people with tough lives who could benefit from the programme. We work with people at any stage of their life even those in crisis.
  4. Access to funding to cover our costs plus £500 seed money for the business.