Camerados is a movement of people from around the world who believe the answer to our problems is each other.


Lots of people are using video-conferencing to connect now that we're all shut indoors but......sometimes it can be really rubbish!

We all talk over each other and it's a little nerve-racking. So we're trying out a fun idea to make it easier - help us give it a go?

Download our #SpoonRoom guide and try holding one with folk.

Watch a video about #SpoonRoom and how they work here.... 

Join this Saturday's #SpoonRoom at 11am (GMT+1)


Let's face it, we've always loved a fairylight, never more so than now.  As a movement we do think it's really needed.

Covid-19 is putting the heebee jeebees up us all and folk are beginning to feel the strain so let's do something easy, fun and Light Up For Each Other by putting our Christmas decorations in the windows to bring cheer and support to our neighbourhoods.  Let's face it we can't all sing or play piano like the Italians but my goodness we can do fairylights!! Please join us and share your pics to bring joy and a bit of lightness to this tricky time.

Be a camerado

It means we look out for each other!

Join a movement of people popping up all across the UK and the globe who believe the best way through tough times is to be a camerado.

A camerado is halfway between a stranger and a friend, people just alongside each other, no fixing, no agenda, just there.

They do it in daily life or in Public Living Rooms, somewhere to go, relax, chat and look out for each other.

If you have 4 minutes please watch this film

The Camerados movement is all about looking out for each other, watch this and then why not join us! join the movement.


When we go through hard times we often forget the two most essential things: Friends and Purpose.  You get both when you look out for someone - a connection and a real sense of purpose, and you get away from your own problems for a bit.


Join the movement. Wear the badge. Go to or set up a Public Living Room. Follow our principles in your everyday life. Come to a Campfire. Distribute the Chronicle. Look out for someone ....... and remember, have fun.


find a camerados group near you

Find a camerado near you!

There are a growing number of camerados across the world, if you reckon you're one of them and want to meet up with some like-minded folk, click here to find out if there are any near you.

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