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What is a Camerado?

Camerados is a new social movement that believes we need 2 things to get through hard times: Friends and Purpose.

We believe the best way to get these things is to look out for each other because when you are having a tough time and you are there for someone else you get a great sense of purpose and you have a friend.

There are people popping up all over the world calling themselves camerados. 

We wear the badge to show that this is what we believe in and are doing this in our everyday lives. Some of us also create Public Living Rooms – spaces to be a camerado. Just somewhere to be alongside each other, to be a bit rubbish on a bad day, to have fun, to just be. Equals, no judgement, no fixing and everyone welcome.

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Wear the badge!

To join the movement and let the world know that we still look out for each other, wear the badge. In this crazy world we’re gonna need two-way help between people at a street level to beat the tough times we all experience. Click on the badge to get yours:

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Camerados' principles

Being a camerado isn’t always easy. It takes effort. Here’s some principles we’ve found have helped us so far:

Ask people to help you, it helps them too.

Ask people to help you, it helps them too.

When we're having a tough time we don’t expect to be asked to help. Show people they are valued & trusted, it’s truly transformative.

Failure is essential.

Failure is essential.

Let’s help each other see failure as normal and crucial to success. Fear of failure can paralyse us. Laugh and learn!

Respect not responsibility

Respect not responsibility

We’re kind, we’re alongside but it’s not on us to fix each other’s life. Respect also means calling each other out when we don’t like something

Mix things up

Mix things up

Involve the greatest mix of people. It brings greater possibilities, more ideas, better understanding. And challenge stigma. Always.

Make it fun.

Make it fun.

It’s still the best way to break the ice and bring people together. Places need to be warm and comfortable, the air needs laughter in it, maybe music. Tough times and loneliness is hard enough.

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