A Public Living Room in a Box

How we created living rooms and how you can too

What is a Public Living Room? It’s simply a space where people can connect, relax and be, and find friends and purpose at the same time. Our friends at Ideas Hub described it as “a comfortable place where anyone can come, on good days and bad, to be around people, make connections and enjoy being out of the house”, while Councillor Val Turner in Adur & Worthing coined this brilliant phrase: “It’s a ‘third space’ that is not about accessing services, but also not about sitting alone in a cafe trying to strike up a conversation.” Read more about the success of Adur & Worthing’s Living Room here.

Our Public Living Room now comes in an actual physical box (we’re constantly asked!) The reason for the box came about because early on in our Public Living Room adventure, people started to express an interest in creating living rooms in their own parts of the world. As a social movement, rather than an organisation delivering a service, we knew we had to put everything we were learning about the concept into a thing, something we could share with other camerados. We also recognise that we don’t know everything, so integral to the design of the box is a function that enables us all to continue to learn what works and what doesn’t with Public Living Rooms; The Association of Camerados and you.

The Public Living Rooms we have created, and the resulting box with all our learning and stories was designed and made by Monchü.uk and made possible with the support of Kindness.org and we will be forever grateful.

If you’re keen to try out a Public Living Room to create more human connection and camaraderie where you live or work, get in touch and we’ll arrange a conversation. If you do receive a box, we’ll hook you up with camerados testing Public Living Rooms in other parts of the world. Remember…. it’s all about humans connecting and helping each other out!

As of April 2018 boxes have begun winging their way around the UK and beyond.  Over the coming weeks camerados will be creating Public Living Rooms in Baltimore, Birmingham, Blackpool, Belfast and several other cities that don’t begin with the letter B!  Once they’ve tested their Public Living Room and they’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, they share their own ideas and experiences by adding items to the box, and we then collect the box and deliver it to the next community.  That’s the idea anyway – we’ve never done it before – but that’s never a reason not to do something, we find!

If you’ve already received a box, hello!  You can visit this private* area of the website to find more resources:  camerados.org/welcome-to-the-movement 

*we’re not trying to be all exclusive here, simply want to keep an element of surprise and wonder for the next set of camerados to receive a box!

A serious but necessary note: 
The Public Living Room in a Box remains the the property of Camerados CIC at all times.  Camerados CIC reserves the right to retrieve any box being used in such a way that contradicts our values (see our principles) and defames the reputation of the social movement of Camerados and/or the Association of Camerados.

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