Association of Camerados

So these are the people employed by the “Association of Camerados” to promote the movement. Like many people you pass on the street we’ve had our share of tough times from being a struggling parent to drug and alcohol addiction, from family illness to mental health problems but we’ve also had much good fortune and done stuff we’re very proud of. We want the Camerados movement to be for everyone, through good times and bad.

Development managers (DM) are the frontline for the Association of Camerados (AOC) being the catalyst locally and galvanising people and partners to run things themselves, thus growing the movement.


Sarah Mortimer, DM

We call her “El Capitan” because she is awesomely smart and has an uncanny knack of making things happen. Working mostly in Blackpool Sarah is a trained Counsellor/Psychotherapist and earned her spurs in Probation and with Fulfilling Lives, working with people with exceptional challenges.


Emma Burley, DM

The one who reminds us it’s really all about bringing people together and nobody does it better. Emma has been connecting communities for years whether to plant “Trees for Cities”; tackle isolation with “Connect”, the communication network; or as a carer to people isolated and cut-off from society. She works mostly in Sheffield and Rotherham.


Izzy Harriss, DM

A passionate warrior for what’s right, you really want her on your side. An entrepreneur with Aspire Oxford’s many businesses she has also worked for Double Impact the people behind the fabulous Cafe Sobar in Nottingham (recovery cafe par excellence) as well as run their events and delivered training.


Jenny Fox, CEO

Having worked in the corporate world and run a radio station, she is a social entrepreneur most renowned for “Aspire” in Oxford, the multi award winning social enterprise. Thanks to Jenny’s eye for a business opportunity, the ex-homeless staff in Aspire run a number of businesses – ground works, removals, community transport, recycling etc. She also makes us all dance, eat cake, and is never far away from a box of fairy lights!


Maff Potts, Founder

Known for being an awkward man in the homeless sector. He turned the Millennium Dome into a homeless shelter, managed the biggest homeless provider in the UK and ran the “Places of Change” programme for the UK Govt which radically changed homeless provision. He also indoctrinates school kids about funk & soul music and his humour is mostly misunderstood.


Nerys Parry, Non-exec Director

Known for years as the “go to” person when it comes to innovative and ethical commissioning within homelessness sector in the UK. Nerys is the lead for Oxford City Council on homelessness services. She is probably best known for building the Old Fire Station in Oxford an incredible arts & entertainment space and homeless activity centre all under one roof with everyone sharing the space.

Head Office


Henny Rodenhauser, Administration

If her 5 languages and experience in Swiss high finance aren’t enough she can cook a remarkable Victoria sponge and fit her hours round the school run.


Helen Parker, Finance Manager

She can think big (she ran the ticketing operation for the London Olympics with Ticketmaster) but also get her hands dirty (she now manages her own gardening business).

These are the brilliant Blackpool Camerados who make our Living Room in the Central Library warm, welcoming and open to everyone!

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