Behind the scenes

Find out more about the partners we have working with us behind the scenes: are an on-line platform who want people to choose kindness and through that choice change the world. They are based all over the United States and in London. They are our funders and are partners in Camerados’ “Living Rooms” initiative helping us shape the concept and spread it around the world.

Big Chief Tipis

Big Chief Tipis are an award winning teepee hire business in the North West of England. They specialise in turning dreams into memories, and creating breath taking spaces for people to celebrate the great outdoors. The team at Big Chief are well known for their work on celebrity weddings, music festivals and royal celebrations. Their expertise and sister manufacturing company ( have become innovation partners, creating bespoke indoor teepees for the Association of Camerados. We’re excited to see how Big Chief can bring some more magic into our Public Living Room concept.

Lankelly Chase

Lankelly Chase are a charitable foundation who want systems change to benefit people with “severe and multiple disadvantages”. They support AOC through funding and acting as a guide to support as we grow and develop. They backed us from the very beginning and always encourage us to be more innovative not less.

On the ground

We don’t know how but we have assembled a formidable group of core partners who will help us ensure our model protects and promotes people’s mental well-being; is built on sound evidence and is transportable at a global scale.

On Our Radar

On Our Radar are an inspiring group of journalists who are radically different and gather stories and data in ways we’ve never seen before. OoR have a set of evolving, award-winning tools and ideas that dismantle communication barriers and provide a point of access to some of the world’s most marginalized people. We are thrilled that they are ensuring Camerados is capturing what is going on in our living rooms and helping us see what works.

Michael Little

Michael Little was for a long time director of the Dartington Social Research Unit, applying science to policy and practice for children, mainly in the UK and US. He has given that up to focus on relational social policy, examining how connection alters the human condition. His collaboration with the Association of Camerados is the starting point for this new focus.

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