Are you looking at my pants?!

Are you looking at my pants?!
Look out for Camerados wearing giant pants around
Hackney on Friday 3rd September!

When life is ‘pants’, what gets you through? People from the Camerados movement will be wearing giant pants and asking this question on the streets around Hackney on Friday 3rd September. Bringing some much needed fun and a chance to natter and dance together! Join in, take photos and share what gets you through tough times #WhenLifeIsPants.

Life has been ‘pants’ for everyone in the last couple of years, but folk from East London have joined the Camerados movement and have been looking out for each other, online and in person. Anyone can be a camerado. It’s all about being more human, having a laugh and having each other’s back, without agenda or judgement. On Friday 3rd September, camerados from across East London will be out on the streets in Hackney to chat, connect and have fun! 

The pandemic has shown us that even when life is ‘pants’, we can get through tough times by being a camerado and looking out for each other, at work, at home or just in the street.  Anyone is welcome, if you want to find out about the growing Camerados movement, chat to the people in the pants around Hackney on Friday 3rd September!

Or visit and see how you can get involved.

Notes to editor:

  • For more about Camerados visit: 
  • The Camerados movement was founded by Maff Potts in 2015. Maff spent 20 years as CEO of a number of charities and housing associations and rewrote the UK government’s policy for homeless centres. He now believes that real social change comes from social movements. 
  • Maff is available for interviews, contact:  
  • Maff’s bio, movement stories, photos and a potted history of Camerados are available here.
  • Press enquiries: Mabel Smith –
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