Behind the scenes

Camerados is about the movement and the folk in it, behind the scenes though a small collection of people support what happens, they are the AoC (Association of Camerados) and the Camerados Council.

The Association of Camerados (AoC) is the small merry band of folk who passionately believe that we can all be camerados, they support the movement by;

Inspiring people to be camerados through; art, stories, resources and speaking at places as diverse as large conferences to chats in a village hall.

Creating the resources for communities, schools/colleges/universities, hospitals and GP practices, and anyone who wants them, to enable folk to spread the movement and open Public Living Rooms.

Connecting folk across the movement via in person and online events, through social media and the sharing of stories.

You can get in touch with the AoC about any of the above through

The Camerados Council comprises folk from the movement who help keep it on mission, by acting as a support and challenge function to the small team at the AoC. The Council is a different way to create an open and transparent way of governing and ensures staying on mission before preservation of the AoC team.

Folk on the Council receive a monthly short film like this from the Directors of AoC keeping them updated with progress. Although the Council has no legal responsibility, their reflections are priceless, constantly reminding AoC about the difference of running an organisation compared to a movement. Have a look at the Council's annual reflection of 2019 here and AoC's response here.

The Council takes on new members each year, if you would like to be part of the Council drop us a line at for the next time we're recruiting, probably in Autumn 2021.

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