Black Lives Matter

One of our 6 principles is…..Mix with folk who don’t look like you.
This principle should be easy to fulfil but it isn’t even for those of us who have experienced how much better a place is when people from all walks of life join together to look out for each other.
Segregation, racism and discrimination are everywhere as shown in the most horrific way in America with the death of George Floyd.  Black Lives Matter and as Maya Angelou says when asked what can we do she says “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

So from our camerado Kisha in Baltimore is this great article to read, which also gives titles of books and films to help us learn and aid you towards fulfilling this principle.

We have to work at this, the rewards are too valuable to ignore.
This section of our website is a work in progress because we are learning too, so if you have any resources from any movements related to equality of all people please get in touch at

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