The movement’s first ever newspaper launched

The movement’s first ever newspaper launched last week, its called the “Camerados Chronicle”. It contains stories from around the Camerados movement and by reading each other’s experiences hopefully it brings us closer together. There’s even a puzzle page, a Children’s Art club and features written by Camerados from across the globe. It was produced by

“I’m searching for words…”

      I’m searching for words scrabbling about in my head I can’t find them I’ll try the mind game where one word leads to another teepee  dwelling  home retreat shelter  sanctuary  safety place of safety a private space head space sanctuary feels right the teepee gave me sanctuary an unexpected offering if there

Camerados Boro’

In June, I was asked to listen in on a conference call about a ‘public living room in a box’, not going to lie, I only said yes out of intrigue. The call lasted about 20 minutes, hosted by some folks from Oxford (who seemed pretty excited to talk to us) calling themselves ‘Camerados’. Their

Why This Midwife Loves the Camerados Teepee

The Camerados teepee was placed in the atrium of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and immediately I felt a connection. I am a radical, so the sight of a huge teepee slap bang in the middle of a hospital entrance simply brought a huge smile to my face. Since childhood I have always loved

Big Lottery provides vital funding to develop Public Living Rooms

The Big Lottery Fund has awarded a two-year funding programme of £738,000 to Association of Camerados (AOC) to help them build a movement of “Camerados” and roll out Public Living Rooms across the UK. The project will tackle loneliness, restoring people’s confidence and helping build resilience through the power of “looking out for each other”.

Stuff to download

Below are a selection of posters and postcards you can download and use in your Living Room: Camerados A6 postcard_April18 Camerados_Postcard 1_PRINT Camerados_Postcard 2_PRINT Camerados Box Poster 1 _Print at Home_A4 Camerados Box Poster 2 _Print at Home_A4 Maybe you want to find out more before committing to print?  Whatever your interest in Camerados, check

Neighbourhood Kitchen in Oxford

It is Friday night. I am serving up apple crumble. The hands come up holding bowls to be filled. Strong, working hands. Adolescent girls hands with glittery finger-nails. Beautifully manicured hands of the arthritic oldies. The grubby hands of the gardeners and street homeless. Doubtful hands, ‘is this really for me’, and greedy hands ‘I am ready

Trump is not the most powerful person on earth

Trump is inaugurated today and I wanna talk to you about what we can do about it. There’s so much venting going on  – me included – but I’d much rather we used today as a great reminder of where the real power lies in our lives. If you want to find it start practising

40 Mini-Camerados and a burning van

One of the best ever Camerados’ days today. Forty primary schoolchildren, juniors (KS2), came to our Blackpool Living Room this morning to find out about homelessness. We asked them who was having an “up” day, lots of hands went up. Then who is having a “down” day? Three brave lads and one teacher (!) put

Marmalade Oxford 2016

We ran two sessions looking at friendship at Marmalade Oxford. We’ll post work from the day soon. If you’d like to be updated, sign up here:

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