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“I’m searching for words…” 9th October 2018

      I’m searching for words scrabbling about in my head I can’t find them I’ll try the mind…

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Camerados Boro’ 31st August 2018

In June, I was asked to listen in on a conference call about a ‘public living room in a box’,…

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Why This Midwife Loves the Camerados Teepee 31st July 2018

The Camerados teepee was placed in the atrium of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and immediately I felt a…

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Posters 18th April 2018

Below are a selection of posters and postcards you can download and use in your Living Room: Camerados A6 postcard_April18…

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Neighbourhood Kitchen in Oxford 14th December 2017

It is Friday night. I am serving up apple crumble. The hands come up holding bowls to be filled. Strong, working hands….

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Trump is not the most powerful person on earth 26th May 2016

Trump is inaugurated today and I wanna talk to you about what we can do about it. There’s so much…

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