Camerados on the Streets

When life is pants, what gets you through? That's what folk have been finding out as the camerados movement takes to the streets in huge pants to show how being a camerado can get you through tough times.

By creating Public Living Rooms on the streets the movement gives folk the chance to meet and chat, through a no agenda space with a bit of added laughter and dance...... but where will you spot huge pants next? Could those ginormous y-fronts or mammoth bloomers be tied to a lamp post near you?

What does Camerados on the Streets mean to folk?

You've made me smile and now we've passed it on!


I normally sit in this spot everyday without talking to people, today I've met people I never would have known.


Something has stopped me in my tracks, you've made me think, it's so simple.


You've made space for everyone, people think I'm weird, that's OK here isn't it?


I have enjoyed today and I don't normally enjoy my days, it has been random niceness.


Art from Camerados on the Streets

Local artists tell us what they have heard and seen on the streets when the movement arrives. From the track Let it Out by Nate-Ethan Watson to spoken word poetry by Hannah Walker, these voices tell us in different ways what being a camerado means in the place where they live.

What gets you through when life is pants?

Laughter, have fun it makes the day better!


What a difference a dance makes.


Laughing with friends and family.


Listening to music.


Talking, we're out of practice talking to people.


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