Connection Fest!

Connection Fest

After a ‘Bit of Company’… Live in September lot’s of people in the movement felt the urge to do something- to find ways to connect people to the Camerados principles- because when we go through tough times these can help.

We love it when folk in the movement just make things happen and Ali Davenport is one those, Catherine our Arts and Activism lead has been alongside Ali whilst she’s been thinking of ideas to spread the movement.

Hi Ali, I have loved chatting to you over the last month, and now you are about to make it happen- can you tell us a little bit about your idea?

It’s Connection Fest, a month-long festival in December. Anyone can get involved – you don’t have to be a Camerado. The idea is to set up free events and share stuff exploring connection and what it means to us, especially at this time.

 The festival belongs to everyone – I’m just coordinating some of it. Hopefully, it’ll have a life of its own and go in whatever directions it wants to. It’ll be a month of beginnings – of questions, conversations and actions, all rippling out!

So why is Connection Fest so important right now?

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the pandemic tough-going at times. Connection Fest is something positive and uplifting to put our energies into – a light in the winter. It’s also a chance to express how we’re feeling about this shared experience we’re going through.

 How can people get involved?

There are lots of ways to take part. It’s about doing what fits with you and where you are with your life right now. You might want to get a few neighbours together on your street, set up a Twitter or Zoom conversation, create a piece of art or music, or share a photograph or story that means something to you about connection.

 For ideas on how you can contribute to Connection Fest and to get your activity on the programme, see the Connection Fest webpage.

Although you don’t have to be a Camerado to take part in this, why is this movement important to you in this festival?

I think the main thing for me is the idea of looking out for each other; being alongside, not fixing. We’re just humans, doing the best we can. In the Camerados approach to life, we’re all on a level, and it’s the same with Connection Fest. No headline acts – every contribution matters, however big or small and it doesn’t matter if events don’t work out as planned. This isn’t a nice, neatly-packaged festival – it’s messy around the edges.

 Being a Camerado is also about the badges for me. It’s like being a kid and getting badges and gadgets from the Beano comic. Reminds me not to lose the fun!

Connection Fest is a way of helping to grow the movement all the activity doesn’t have to be branded as Camerados. You can feed it in. I’ve put links on the Connection Fest webpage and I’ll be tagging Camerados on social media. The important thing is underpinning activity with the Camerados principles.

​Here’s a video of Ali talking about her idea and some of the thinking behind it.


You can find Connection Fest on Twitter and Facebook. You can message me through these or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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