Camerados on the Streets – the tour

Now is a great time to hear about Camerados. The way we connect and develop relationships with people has changed.

People are really feeling what difference it makes when they are met with humanness- so more people are listening. We are going to create a beautiful space that people find through trails, activity already happening in the area and existing public living rooms. It is a space where people can hang out. Where people can bump in to one another and be Camerados, no lecturing or preaching- just being alongside.

Friday 30 July – The Forum, Norwich

Friday 6 August – Wolverhampton

Fri 20 August – Town Centre, Middlesbrough

Fri 3 Sept – Hackney, London

Fri 1 BeChange Hub, Aylesham

Fri 17 Sept – Clifton Park, Rotherham

Maybe you can get out to join us, maybe you can’t- but you can still be involved. We are looking for knitters and people who can crochet.

Fairy lights are a pretty standard part of being a Camerado and so we would like to do some yarn bombing and we would love you to send us your yarns! But not just any old yarn- fairly light yarns.

They don’t need to include any actual lights just whatever coloured lovely looking fairy lights you want to knit or crochet.

We are still looking for patterns and top tips so please feel free to get in touch if you have any of this wisdom-

But here are some for starters…

Fairy light pattern 1

Fairy light pattern 2

And if you fancy doing it alongside a few other folk join us on Thursday evenings from 7pm for Knitting #OverABrew find out more here

Just get in touch with for the zoom link.

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