Getting together is a great part of being a camerado, whether it's in your public living room or whether you're joining in with camerados from around the world at one of our campfires. Sometimes it's not always easy to meet up with folk so to keep in touch with others in the movement we've got, Saturday #SpoonRoom, facebook groups, socials sites, podcasts of fellow camerados and webinars to enable you to be involved.

Camerados campfires


Campfires are our way of getting the movement together, they are usually twice a year, we try and hold them in different places so as many folk can come and find out more about us. If you would like to register your interest in attending our next campfire in the autumn of 2020 then please email office@camerados.org .

Camerados webinars coming soon

Saturday #SpoonRoom

These are held every Saturday at 11am, if you would like to join in on Saturday you'll be asked to register with your name and email address before being added. If you would like to run your own then download our guide.  Then take a look at our how to SpoonRoom quick video and the more in depth video for further details.  If you would like to understand more about the part called Roots and Wings then watch this video.



Camerados podcasts, coming soon.


are in the editing suite and due to be launched soon... featuring camerados from Middlesbrough, Dover and Scotland, telling their tales of being camerados and looking out for others in their communities, we are really grateful for the time they gave. If your community would like to feature in a future podcast then please get in touch at office@camerados.org

As well as our own podcasts we appear in other people's, catch Maff's thoughts on a post Covid-19 world and the thousands of new mutual aid groups that have been springing up here.


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