Getting together is a great part of being a camerado, whether it's in your public living room or whether you're joining in with camerados from around the world at one of our campfires. Sometimes it's not always easy to meet up with folk so to keep in touch with others in the movement we've got, Saturday #SpoonRoom, facebook groups, socials sites, podcasts of fellow camerados and webinars to enable you to be involved.

Camerados campfires


Campfires are our way of getting the movement together, they are usually twice a year, we try and hold them in different places so as many folk can come and find out more about us. If you would like to register your interest in attending future campfires once we are able to meet in person again, please email office@camerados.org .


We’re putting on a show! That’s right! Every Friday in December at 8pm we are coming to you LIVE!

Presented by Pip & Cat with a special guest host every week! What have you got to do? NOWT! Just come along to our facebook page Every Friday night at 8pm. SIMPLES!

So what’s the show? It’s going to be fun, games and silliness. No agenda, no fixing, just a bit of company to see you through these cold winter nights.

For some people this time of year is tough, and that means that fun goes out the window. This is a chance to come together, have fun and BE MORE HUMAN! You can just watch in your jammies, join in from your sofa in the chat on Facebook, or you can get involved and send us some films to share each week…

What is your party trick? - It can be anything and to be honest the more random the better! Balancing a feather on your nose, highest number of marshmallows in your mouth, tongue touch your nose, magic trick, doing the worm!

Name that Tune - Put a mask on, and in a Vic Reeves style mumble part of a song- on the night we will get people to guess what song you are mumbling. Please also record at the end of your mumble- taking off the mask and saying the name of your tune.

Everyday and Special - Is there anything you do or have done at home that makes the everyday special- every time you go up the stairs you dance, tie a bow on a brush for the sweeping, wear sequins to wash up, or flowers on the table for breakfast. Please feel free to share a photograph or film for this one.

Please record all films horizontally on your phone and send to catherine@camerados.org

If you don’t already, please LIKE our Facebook Page and SHARE our posts with your friends about #BitofCompanyLite and then just sit back and get ready to enjoy the show!!!

Camerados podcasts, coming soon.

Open House

Come along and join the AoC at our first ever Open House this Friday 27 November at 4pm GMT.  It's your chance to ask questions about Camerados, SpoonRooms, Public Living Rooms or even the meaning of life.

We'd just love you to register and see you there, camera on or off, questions in the chat or said in person we don't mind, we'd just like you to join us, bring a cuppa, curiosity and a cushion and spend some time with your fellow camerados.



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