Celebrating and enabling human connection in hospitals

Hospitals can be stressful and emotive places. Places where people go when they’re having a tough time. There’s a whole array of emotions going on and pressures on our NHS are greater than they’ve ever been. But when we put a teepee in a hospital in 2017, a very strange thing happened. 

People in crisis were supported by strangers; staff struggling to cope with the pressures of their workloads asked for support from patients; and the general wellbeing of a very stressed-out building improved. Staff, patients and visitors – several thousand people in total – began to make connections and look out for each other more than ever- with a hugely positive effect on both patient experience and staff wellbeing. They felt it helped to make the hospital a better place to work, a more supportive place to get better, and a more welcoming place to visit.

“The positive feedback we received has been inspiring, humbling and off the chart.”

– Andrew Heath, Patient Experience officer, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

After receiving hundreds of stories from people (including surgeons, nurses, patients, relatives, the baristas in Costa, to name a few), we saw the overwhelming effect a space like this can have on social connection. It celebrates the amazing humanity already in hospitals, and encourages and enables more of it – creating a truly #humanhospital.

So we’re doing it again!

We are thrilled to be bringing the teepee back to Blackpool Victoria Hospital in the summer of 2018. From 22nd June, everyone working in or visiting the Hospital will have the opportunity to experience both the teepee and other pop-up ‘connection points’ across the hospital site.

We think what happened in Blackpool can be replicated in other hospitals.

We also invite other hospitals and NHS staff to come and see the power of the teepee in action!

We can help more people connect, and so boost the levels of empathy and altruism. And we can measure this change in terms of staff satisfaction and patient experience. Over the next few years we are looking to create two million new connections in hospitals.

If you work for the NHS and would be interested in finding out more about bringing a teepee to your site, we would love to welcome you to Blackpool. You can find out more at one of our special Blackpool events on 19th July and 29th August, or you can visit us at any time. Just get in touch with Izzy at izzy@camerados.org or on 07503 149 230.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a teepee in a hospital and want to see what it can achieve, follow us on social media for all the latest updates as the teepee goes live.


A short animated film from the Teepee


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