Being a camerado is a mindset thing that you can carry with you everywhere, anyone can be a camerado so join in and take a look at our principles.

Some folk like to wear our badge to show they are a camerado and others like to meet up with people in their community, in places called Public Living Rooms, they come in all shapes and sizes from once a week in a cafe to a fully dedicated space.

join the camerados movementJoin the movement

Keep up to date with other camerados and how you can get involved.

order a camerados badgeOrder your badge

Wear the badge be a camerado, send us your details and we'll send you a badge and keep you up to date.

Public living roomsOrder your box

Our Public Living Rooms are in parks to hospitals, university buildings to libraries, market squares to schools. Find one near you.  If you would like to set up your own Public Living Room in your community then take a look at our Picture Book for ideas and tips, then order your kit to get you started.

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