- when the world finally noticed social distancing Who would have thought we’d live in a world where hugs are
Camerados attended the Meaning Conference in Brighton in November and took with us a Public Living Room, which we used
Decorated bus stops all over the world for Christmas, trying to make Christmas less crappy for some folk.
Christmas can be tough for some people, with all the cheeriness around it can be hard to remember that, so
This week saw our camerados in Bristol University celebrating the 1st birthday of their Public Living Room, around 700 students
Everything in life seems to be geared towards success, but it is OK to fail sometimes, one of our principles
Everyone likes to think they are doing some good for others, but it's how we go about it that counts,
A new blog from the founder of Camerados, Maff Potts, all about the right kind of kind, what do we
Here at the Association of Camerados we were chuffed to hear that folk did pop up public living rooms for
Yesterday the epic folk on our Council met up in London to talk all things mission, the mission review will
The movement’s first ever newspaper launched last week, its called the “Camerados Chronicle”. It contains stories from around the Camerados
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