Let It Out – Out Now

The UKs 1st openly trans rapper, Nate Ethan, collaborates with Camerados for his latest release ‘Let It Out’.

Here’s where else you can listen to it: https://ditto.fm/let-it-out-nate-ethan

Rapper, Nate Ethan and Camerados, have come together on a shared mission for folk everywhere to look out for each other. With the pandemic continuing, everyone needs a reminder that being together can get us through, and what better way to do this than through art and music.

Nate and Camerados first crossed paths when they collaborated in the summer of 2021 to capture the Camerados On The Streets activism in Nate’s hometown of Wolverhampton. Nate uses his platform as a music artist to raise awareness of and give representation to trans and non-binary people across the country (including in documentaries for Channel 4 and ITV and on the Victoria Derbyshire programme in 2019).

Nate discovered that many of the messages with his work in the trans community aligned with those of the Camerados movement: the importance of looking out for each other, treating people as humans and being alongside people when they are going through tough times. These are the messages behind the Camerados movement and Nate’s latest track: Let It Out.

“It all came about when Camerados came to Wolverhampton and I was asked to work on a creative piece about what I observed throughout the day.” says Nate, “My creative expression has always been in the form of music so I thought the best way for me to express this was by creating a track, which is how “Let it out” came about.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Camerados on the Streets day and observing the connections with people from all walks of life who came together to converse with each other and get involved in activities together. I realised there is a great need for people to come together, talk and learn from each other. And how important it is to have an understanding that although many of us are on different paths and journeys, we all go through the same emotions at times and how powerful it is to talk.”

Alongside his music career, Nate is the founder of TNB Connect (Trans and non-binary connect), a Community Interest Company created to support the Transgender and Non-Binary community.  TNB Connect supports individuals by alleviating isolation and gender dysphoria which are two main factors that can contribute to low self-esteem and confidence within the community.

Nate’s latest track Let It Out is supported by Camerados who are funded by the Emerging Futures Fund from the National Lottery Community Fund. This collaboration followed findings from stories collected about people’s experiences of the pandemic. These stories showed the importance of connection, being more human and how this should be expressed and appreciated in art. Nate worked as an artist to produce a track which reflected this. Find out more about the Camerados work supported by the Emerging Futures Fund here.

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