Community Based Public Living Rooms

One of the things I love about Camerados is that excuse to 'look out' for strangers, just chat with no strings, find common ground and have a laugh!


There’s no pressure to turn up or say anything…helping people through social support and just being there…no strings and we’re not gonna fix anything…


To know that there are heart-warming, caring, fascinating and fun individuals out there (i.e our fellow Camerados) brings back a sense of humanity to our world, which is often painted so differently and can be a very lonely place for some.


Was inspiring to see the public spaces being used so openly - sort of without permission.. made a place with a bad reputation seem really desirable and attractive just through a friendly community.


Public Living Rooms in the NHS

Relationships have been built that never were built before…….within the actual Trust itself, the whole health trust


Our PLR has had the most superb impact upon our hospital - people connecting, people sharing, people feeling able to take a moment of solace amongst the chaos of the hospital environment and much much more!! There are not enough words to describe how simple and yet so powerful the PLR is - a much needed concept in our hospital!


It just makes me feel ok. It’s a place to go in a very busy, stressful hospital working environment where nobody is looking for something from me. I can just be me and chat with others. I love that you don't talk about work in the PLR. If I were in the work canteen or staff room we would talk about work. It just simply lets me be me even for 5 minutes. I love meeting other people and sometimes I feel I end up telling complete strangers things that are worrying me and vice versa! This is just so unlike me so - this place does something to make you feel 'at home', 'at peace' even for those short 5 minutes...

What people say about us.

Around the world lots of folk have set up Public Living Rooms, these all look different depending on the community and place they are in, what they all have in common is providing a space for folk to connect with others and look out for each other.

Public Living Rooms have sprung up in community centres, schools, libraries, hospitals and universities/FE colleges, there’s even one in a beach hut… how folk use them has been researched by our learning partners at Sheffield Hallam University and shows the impact they have on people.

If you would like to read the entire research report on the impact of Public Living Rooms please click here and to see our impact within the NHS hospitals click here.

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