#OverABrew – what’s on

#XmasCanBeCrap for some people, so let’s #LookOutForEachOther.

Camerados is a movement of folk from Blackpool to Baltimore who share the simple belief that having ‘People and Purpose’ in your life is the most important thing. So this year the movement has decided to host a series of events #OverABrew to make space for both those vital things. It’s happening all online and every event is 100% free.

Whether you’d like the have a yarn while you knit or you want to chat about books. Maybe you’d like to get creative or if you just would like a bit of company, pop open your laptop and join in. Don’t worry you don’t need to have any experience or even the equipment to get involved with any #OverABrew, the mot important thing is getting a little bit of human connection in your life.

Here’s what’s planned:

14/12: Make Along Seed Stars @ 7pm

16/12: Knitterados @ 7pm

18/12: #SpoonRoom @ 11am

20/12: Mondissential Dance @ 7pm

22/12: #SpoonRoom @ 8pm

23/12: Knitterados @ 7pm

26/12: Book Club @ 7.30pm

27/12: Poetry Soul Train @ 7.30pm

28/12: Bricking Christmas @ 2pm

29/12: Chat Shit, Eat Cake & Drink Cocoa On Zoom @ 2pm

30/12: Knitterados @ 7pm

31/12: 24hr Twitter Fest Poetry Soul Train @ 8pm

2/1: Bricking Christmas @ 2pm

To register for any of these events or to find out more, email catherine@camerados.org. Let’s #LookOutForEachOther this Xmas.

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