OverABrew are online versions of Public Living Rooms - to get folk together to do or share something, chat and look out for each other.

There may be a host to help move things along but everyone who goes helps make the space what it is, embracing the principles; to be alongside with no fixing. That it's o.k. to make mistakes and be a bit rubbish. Getting together with strangers and people like us can be hard and wonderful - we may disagree sometimes, but we can have the most surprising random fun. If something difficult does happen and you click out, or take five - that's o.k. - it doesn't mean you can't click in another time. If you know someone struggling - why not ask them to co-host an OverABrew with you?





Anyone can come along to an OverABrew or create their own for others to join. There are OverABrew's about films, eating cake, lego, knitting, books and you don't have to do the activity to be part of it, you can just go along and natter.

You'll need to be part of the OverABrew Mighty Network to come along, click on the button to join. The Mighty Network is just starting and so the movement is discovering all the time how it works.

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