Lockdown is now a trilogy and although duvets and blankets are so appealing right
now – people are really wanting to find ways to be together.

Camerados hosts SpoonRooms every Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 11am where people natter to each other, some movement folk have been in touch with fabulous suggestions about other things that can bring us together, most often over a brew (milk no sugar with ours please) an activity or hobby for example…


…….film club, knitting, reading poetry, kitchen dancing or  listening together to the hits of 86?! (Who doesn’t love a bit of Aha, Wham, Madonna or Queen?….)


Why not give it a go yourself, no permission is needed to host your own OverABrew thing


If you want to talk through your ideas, catherine@camerados.org loves a virtual coffee so get in touch or you can find out more from our downloadable guide.


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