Principles, 6 ways to be a camerado.

The camerados movement is open to anyone, all that is asked is that you try to follow the principles below. We've tried these in the toughest of situations and they seem to work, give them a go.

We connect much more quickly and stronger with people if we own up to our weakness. We have a badge in Camerados that says “I’m a bit shit sometimes” - people love it. There needs to be someone with whom it’s OK to be rubbish OR in the case of Public Living Rooms somewhere it’s OK not to achieve and just be what you need to be in that moment. There’s not many places like that in our world. We think it’s missing and essential. Otherwise we become paralysed by this need to always be winning and living an instagrammable, wonderful life.

When people see others having a tough time they don't get involved because they feel the responsibility to fix the person or the problem, camerados don't, they know the power of lending an ear, acknowledging the person and being alongside them in that difficult moment. For those experiencing tough times just being heard is enough and that's why strangers can make great camerados, you may even have experienced this yourself.

When times get tough fun is often the first thing kicked in to touch, but when we do something with others that is silly or makes us laugh we connect differently with each other and we're lifted away from our troubles for a while.

Mixing with people that don't look like you or folk who have different life experiences often challenges our thinking, broadens our minds and makes us less scared of each other. Accepting difference, fighting judgement and division is part of being a camerado. Let's learn from each other.

When you are being a camerado you may find yourself alongside someone who has very different opinions to you on different subjects. Know it's ok to say you disagree but do it respectfully. By shouting and being aggressive we only get more entrenched in our own position and the world gets more divided, but listening and continuing to share a cuppa even if you both end up saying "let's agree to disagree" is the way camerados do it.



This is what we call the secret sauce of camerados. It’s the highly counter-intuitive principle, it doesn’t seem to make sense. If someone is having a tough time they become devoured by their own problems so watch what happens when after listening and acknowledging their problem ask them to look out for YOU, to do YOU a favour or give YOU advice. They come out of their own problems, they feel trusted, talented and driven with a new purpose. They have something to offer. This way of connecting is far more mutual, more human, everyone has the power and everyone benefits. Try it and see what happens.

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