Public Living Rooms

Being a camerado is a mindset that you can carry with you everywhere, anyone can be a camerado by living our principles, they make human connection easier. Some folk like to wear our badge to show they are a camerado and others like to meet up with people in their community, in places called Public Living Rooms, they come in all shapes and sizes from once a week in a cafe to a fully dedicated space.

What is a public Living Room

A no agenda space, where folk can go to just be themselves alongside others, they are warm welcoming places that offer no services just the company of fellow humans. Public Living Rooms are not manned by staff, they are set up and organised by folk in communities for those communities and are open to all. There are different types of Public Living Rooms, some are pop ups for short periods, some are at regular times each week and others are open daily, each is unique however they all use the camerados principles to underpin how they run.

How to create a Public Living Room

Find some like minded folk, grab a brew, have a chat, order a box (it's free) and maybe just give it a go! Nothing has to be perfect, remember our principles!

Our Public Living Rooms are in parks to hospitals, university buildings to libraries, market squares to schools. If you would like to set up your own Public Living Room in your community then order your Public Living Room in a Box to get you started.
There is no definitive way to create a Public Living Room, just remember 3 things;

Environment - this needs to feel cosy and not like an institution, you’ll find some items in our box to help you. It’s amazing how a set of fairy lights, a few comfy chairs and a friendly vibe creates the right atmosphere. Make it beautiful, people will feel special and engage differently.

Stories - everything about what a Public Living Room really is, clicks into place when folk can read the stories of others that come along, so encouraging the sharing of stories is really important, we'll give you postcards to display them to help.

Messaging -  The key thing here is to have the principles and mission of looking out for each other present, in a subtle way as that sets the tone for how folk behave. There's something in the box to help you with this.

Take a look at our picture book to find out more about how to set up one in your community.

Find a Public Living Room near you

If you want to find out where in the world you can find a Public Living Room or where one is planned then click on the map.  These public living rooms are set up and run by camerados themselves, so if there isn't one near you why not get in touch with us, request a box and have a go. 

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