Fancy reading more about the movement and the impact the message of - look out for each other - has made? Take a peek below.

Since the movement began a lot has been learnt along the way and thanks to lots of lovely folk around the world who have shared their stories, experiences and what works, there are a host of publications for anyone to read, from our Camerados Chronicle newspaper to learning reports on the impact of Public Living Rooms in the community and from time spent with the NHS.

Who are the A.o.C?

Movement publications

Read stories from across the movement in our Camerados Chronicle, find inspiration in the blogs and how to setup your own public living room in our picture book.

Our Mission

Impact Publications

Friends and Purpose, it works, how does the movement know that? Well read through the research reports from our Learning Partners at Sheffield Hallam University on the success of public living rooms in several NHS hospitals and in communities.

Our funders and supporters

Camerados Council Publications

The Council is made up of fellow camerados, folk who go to or set up public living rooms and those who fund the movement. Every year the Council checks the movement is on mission with their mission reflection and the small team at the Association of Camerados replies, keeping the progress of the movement open for all to see.

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