During the Covid Pandemic 2020, lots of folk discovered how to be a camerado by connecting with us over our online Public Living Rooms called SpoonRooms. SpoonRooms enable folk to connect with others around the globe all from their own living rooms, it gives another way to look out for others.

What is a SpoonRoom?

It’s an internet video call using Zoom, which follows a familiar format each time that enables everyone who joins to have a chance to speak if they wish. Using the technology of breakout rooms, those on the video call go into smaller groups to chat with others and these are totally random, so one week you could be chatting to someone in your neighbourhood the next week a camerado hundreds of miles away!

If you would like to come to a SpoonRoom, then register to attend on our Events page.

Why are they called SpoonRooms?

They are called SpoonRoom because you need to bring a spoon along! Video calls are tricky things and sometimes it’s hard to figure out when it’s your turn to talk, so you wave your Spoon to indicate you’d like to! Of course many folk who come have now decorated their Spoons, what would yours look like?

How to run a SpoonRoom

Fancy holding your own SpoonRoom in your community? They are easy to set up if you have access to a computer or smartphone, read our handy guide on how to do it and if you would like to try one out then the AoC holds 2 SpoonRooms each week, on a Wednesday evening and Saturday morning which anyone is welcome to join, register on our Events page.

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