At Camerados we love to hear and tell stories, stories spark connections in humans, it's one of the most important and oldest traditions we have and that's why we believe they should be shared. So here are our favourite stories of folk looking out for each other.

Being alongside

Sometimes we just need someone else to sit with us, not try to fix us, just be alongside for a while and help take us out of our troubles for a bit.

Finding a purpose

Colin was going through a tough time, heading to one of our Public Living Rooms and helping out, gave him a sense of purpose and meaning.

Halfway between a stranger and a friend

Anyone can be a camerado, it's a human thing. You can be a camerado anywhere, in the park, at work, on the bus........ give it a try, this surgeon definitely appreciated having someone halfway between a stranger and a friend.

Human spaces

Camerados would like the world to be full of spaces that feel human, comfortable and a place to go on a tough day, we call them Public Living Rooms. Hospitals can feel scary, even though full of amazing folk, our teepees create a Public Living Room in a clinical space.

Finding friends

Starting somewhere new can be daunting, but it's ok to be a bit rubbish, other folk will feel it too but if you can go to a place where everyone looks out for each other then it gives everybody a chance to feel better.

People across the movement tell us their stories in our Public Living Rooms, here are just a few of the many we receive.
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