Strike a pose!

There is hardly a day that goes by when we are not in a conversation about the hard stuff- there is so much of it out there, to even speak of fun or lightness can be met with ‘are you serious’- well yes, YES WE ARE.

Last week we were part of a ‘Bit of Company’ Live from Zoomland – with Camerados, and we have come away buzzing because we know we are part of something big and something special.

We have worked in places and used services ourselves where responsibility, system, process, and the desire to fix and make better have dominated- places where the Camerados principles get drowned out by professionals, experts and ordered experience.






But for us these principles have lit a spark that has given us the energy to live differently- we are connected and that is so important right now, in fact it is number one.

  •       It’s o.k to fail
  •       Don’t fix, be alongside
  •       Mix with people who don’t look like you
  •       Level with people you disagree with respectfully
  •       Give people purpose- ask them for help
  •       Have fun

From Thursday we feel more fired up to…

  • Shout the principles from the muthaf***ing rooftops!
  • Create spaces and find ways to have conversations about real and hard stuff with as much laughter, silliness and fun as we can

Tough times are still ahead and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel yet – so go be that light! – make ‘em laugh Camerado!’

Don’t limit yourself, own all your labels, be real, be the energy in the room, and have some fun.

Strike a pose there’s nothing to it.

 Pip and Cat


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