What is Camerados?

People in the Camerados Movement believe that the simple act of being more human by ‘looking out for each other’ can be transformative, especially when people are experiencing tough times. Camerados is based on a simple belief that having ‘People and Purpose’ in your life is the most important thing, not only to live a good life, but more critically for when you are going through a tough time*. People in the movement sometimes call each other camerados and want more folk in society to look out for each other.

In practise though, what does ‘look out for each other’ mean? It involves someone (a fellow camerado) who will be alongside you in your moment of need, whether you know them or not. It’s about everyone coming together to be supportive with no expectations of fixing the problem, just being there can be very powerful.

Most importantly when you are a Camerado to others, not only do you make others feel better but you feel better too, it gives a feeling of more human connection, which in turn leads to resilience. If everyone behaved as a camerado then more people would have the skills to get through crises better and pull on traditional services less. You can find out more about the impact of being a camerado here.

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