What we are and what we’re not!

So we’re often asked what or who is the movement of Camerados, here’s a handy guide to some of those frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t here then drop us a line at office@camerados.org to find out more.

Some frequently asked questions.

Q. Who can be a camerado?
A. Anyone who wants to! It started in the UK but there are camerados all over the globe, you just need to weave the 6 ways (our principles) of being a camerado into your life.

Q. Are camerados the same wherever they are in the world?
A. Yes, folk in the movement become camerados in ways that work for them and fit their community, it's how you behave that makes you a camerado to someone else.

Q. What does it involve me doing?
A. You can get involved as much as you want, maybe you could just try living some of our principles or wear the badge, but you might like to hook up on line or create your own Public Living Room. If you're unsure then get in touch as we're happy to talk at office@camerados.org

Q. Are you a protest movement?
A. No. We're against a lot of things but like to put our energy into just getting on with our mission of living our principles and connecting people. We hope our work will be the change needed in making people stronger and communities more unified when going through tough times.

Q. I've seen you use Teepee’s or Domes can we rent one from you?
A. They aren’t available to rent, sorry about that! You don't need one to be a camerado though,  it’s about what goes on inside them that matters. They are just a different way to have a Public Living Room. So spaces for folk to be alongside each other, where people can behave in a more human way and give the chance for conversations and connections that may not otherwise happen.

Q. Is there a fee to join?
A. No, we'd just love you to start using our principles and letting us know what happens. In fact if you go the the shop we'll even send you badges and resources to help get you going free of charge. Of course we also have some merch you can buy if you want to support the movement financially.

Q. What is the movement’s mission?
A. The movement wants everyone to be a camerado as relationships and connections with others help us all in tough times. This isn’t simple though, as it’s all about being human and that brings lots of complexities. It does though, give folk a real, down to earth approach to building strong relationships at home, work and in their communities.

Q. How do you know if it works?

A. Folk tell us it makes a difference to them, listen to their stories or take a peek at our impact page.

Q. Why do you collect stories?

A.  The movement likes to gather stories of experiences, it helps understand the impact of being a camerado better than a questionnaire and folk in the movement do a much better job of explaining to others what being a camerado is all about.

Q. Is being a camerado all about acts of kindness?
A. Being a camerado is more of a mutual way of behaving, acts of kindness are usually one folk giving to another, in camerados it's about both folk helping one another out.

Q. Are you a charity? What service do you deliver?
A. The AoC (Association of Camerados) who support the movement, isn’t a charity, it's a Community Interest Company (so not for profit).  The AoC don't deliver any of the action, instead it inspires, resources and connects the movement to do it themselves.

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