Life changes all of the time and the folk in the movement are great at being alongside each other, right now the world is dealing with the Covid-19 virus and in this time more than any it’s important to be a camerado.

The movement is coming together weekly in Saturday #SpoonRooms and holding local SpoonRooms to look out for each other. You can join in too and come to a SpoonRoom or show you’re looking out for others by putting fairy lights in your window.


Lots of people are using video-conferencing to connect now that we're all shut indoors but......sometimes it can be really rubbish!

We all talk over each other and it's a little nerve-racking. So we're trying out a fun idea to make it easier - help us give it a go?

Download our #SpoonRoom guide and try holding one with folk.

Watch a video about #SpoonRoom and how they work here.... 

To register for the next Saturday #SpoonRoom register here.


Let's face it, we've always loved a fairylight, never more so than now.  As a movement we do think it's really needed.

Covid-19 is putting the heebee jeebees up us all and folk are beginning to feel the strain so let's do something easy, fun and Light Up For Each Other by putting our Christmas decorations in the windows to bring cheer and support to our neighbourhoods.  Let's face it we can't all sing or play piano like the Italians but my goodness we can do fairylights!! Please join us and share your pics to bring joy and a bit of lightness to this tricky time.

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