Camerados in the workplace

As the world continues to adjust to the impact of the Covid pandemic, many of us are finding our workplaces have changed dramatically.

In some cases, the change is purely physical; one way systems, greater distance between desks, hand sanitising stations, but in many other cases the change is social. We are experiencing a greater separation of colleagues through remote or hybrid working models, a reduction in face to face meetings and opportunities for those all important impromptu ‘corridor’ conversations. The pandemic has created division within some workforces; those who were furloughed and those who continued to work, those who are under threat of redundancy and those who have greater job security. All of these factors are having a detrimental effect on the human connection that is so fundamental to our wellbeing.

So how, when more people are feeling both emotionally and physically divided,  can we create working environments in which teamwork and collaboration become second nature? Places where ideas and creativity are welcomed, yet people feel genuinely supported and comfortable enough to admit their mistakes. Workplaces where every person understands the part they have to play in building a truly supportive, inclusive, people-focused working environment.

Here at Camerados, we believe that the answer to all of this lies in genuine human connection. It sounds simple.  Except when you start to think about how to create it within a disparate group of people, you begin to realise that it’s really not that simple at all.

Over the past five years we’ve invented, iterated, adapted and worked alongside communities, schools, workplaces and academic learning partners to understand how human connection can be created in an authentic and sustainable way.  We’ve witnessed the positive, and often completely transformative, effects that adopting the Camerados ethos and principles has had on people.  

If you’d like to find out how you can bring the spirit of Camerados into your organisation please drop a message to .

*All profits generated are used to fund communities, schools and hospitals in creating their own Camerados spaces*

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