Xmas Can Be Crap

Christmas can be crap.

Find out what people who are part of the Camerados
movement are doing about it.
Christmas can be crap for lots of people. Folk who are part of the Camerados movement are
doing something about it this December and suggesting a simple way to help people look
out for each other in communities across the country.

This Christmas Camerados are putting signs on benches in their area to remind others that
when times are tough we should all have each other’s backs. A reminder to be aware that
lots of folk find Christmas difficult and that something as simple as a chat on a park bench
with a fellow human can make the world of difference.
If you would like to get involved in #XmasCanBeCrap download your bench signs here or
sign up for a natter #OverABrew.
Whether you are full of festive cheer, or can find Christmas a bit tough, people who are part
of the Camerados movement are also gathering online #OverABrew for a variety of different
activities, creating spaces where Christmas is done differently and where it’s ok to find
Christmas a bit crap. Some will knit, others will dance, some will build lego together, but no
one’s an expert in any of it. They’re just people wanting to be alongside each other during
the festive season. If this appeals, check out the time table here or email

Outside of the festive season, people who are part of the Camerados movement look out for
each other in all sorts of ways, one of which is in Public Living Rooms. These are agenda
free spaces where everyone is welcome, to sit, have a cuppa and maybe a chat, with no
agenda or judgement. From Devizes to Greater Manchester, Norwich to Bristol people are
feeling the benefit of being alongside each other, Andy in Middlesbrough says:
“At our Public Living Rooms we’re often making space to cut through isolation and to
embrace difference. During Covid lockdowns we kept chatting with some physical distance,
sometimes finding practical help from each other. Our pop-ups in the town centre are a
welcoming space in a busy shopping centre – a place to sit down and connect and for many
a rare place to feel listened to.”
To find out more about the Camerados movement and what its founder, Maff Potts, thinks
about how everyone can be involved in making Christmas a bit less crap, have a read of his
latest blog: Why We All Need to be a Little Bit more Alien this Christmas.

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